Before Kitchen Remodeling Begins

It’s no secret that remodeling can be S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L. But Relax!… We’re here to help. Take advantage of these tips so you know what to expect when your old kitchen goes “under construction.”

Four Tips to a Better, Less Stressful Kitchen Project

Tip 1: Get a large envelope and label it “Restaurant Coupons & Phone Numbers”
Make a list of all the restaurants that you’ve been meaning to try – think of your kitchen remodel as a great opportunity to explore the area you’re in! Hang on to coupons and mailer packets featuring takeout food you enjoy, and keep it all in that large, labeled envelope. Don’t forget: You can still grill outside and make meals in a Crockpot! Check out for easy recipes while your kitchen is out of commission.

Tip 2: Figure out where to store your new products
You’ll want to have an area picked out that’s safe and dry for all your new products to be delivered and stored. A lot of people choose the garage, but what’s important is that the space works for you. Make sure that your space is well-cleaned, and protect your boxes when they arrive. You don’t want things like oil, water, or dirt seeping into your brand new box of cabinets!

Tip 3: Give yourself time to pack up your old kitchen
Well before the first hammer or crowbar flies, pack up all the items in your kitchen. We know this can seem like an impossible task, so give yourself a few days to get it all done. Think of it as an opportunity to assess what you have and do some spring cleaning. Don’t forget to label all the boxes you pack, and mark boxes with fragile items as such.

Tip 4: Make a temporary kitchen
For the time being, find a space you can use temporarily as your kitchen. Consider the following, and remember, dealing with one item at a time will be a huge help!

  • Where should the fridge/freezer go?
  • Where will I get my water and do my washing?
  • Where can I plug in a microwave, crock pot, electric skillet, and other appliances?
  • Where will I store items like filters, coffee, sugar, can/bottle openers, knives, serving spoons, cutting boards, dishes, and a toaster?
  • Where can I place butter, salt, pepper, spices, and oils where they’ll be handy?
  • Where will I sit to eat?
  • Where can napkins, paper plates, and silverware be stored?
  • Where will cleaning supplies, paper towels, dish cloths, and sponges be stored?
  • Where will all the other items in my kitchen be stored?

By being prepared, you can be confident that you have done everything possible to make your remodel a smooth process. At Williams, we’re here to help you create your dream space!